Renting Office Space? Use Our Checklist to Make Sure Your Space is Perfect

searching for office space to rentWhen it comes to renting office space or other commercial property business owners often overlook important details that could make working in their new space a challenge.. But it doesn’t have to be.

To ensure you’re leasing the perfect space, here’s a checklist of things you may not have considered.

◰ Meet the Neighbors Speaking to a few existing clients is a great way to get an insider’s perspective on the property, as well as get a feel for whether it’s the right place for you. Scanning the on-site or online client directory will tell you if the building is home to any competitors, and better still, potential partners or customers for your business.

◰ Can You Hear Me Now? Reliable cell phone service and Wi-Fi accessibility are essential elements of running a business efficiently. Ask about the options for Internet service providers at your location to make sure there is one that suits your needs. Also, simply make a call from your cell phone to verify that there’s good reception.

◰ Common Areas, Restrooms, and Eateries People spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important to spend some time surveying the common areas and restrooms. Are they clean, accessible, the right size for the number of people that will be using them? Check out the hours and eats at the in-house cafeteria and area restaurants.

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◰ Everything Has Its Place Office interiors make an impact on visitors and employees alike. Prior to signing on the dotted line for a space, measure existing or new furniture to be sure it will fit. Look at the space. Is it old-fashioned brick and your existing furniture stark and white? Picture the space with your stuff in it to make sure it works.

◰ First Impressions Are Key First impressions are everything, and your physical location is the first thing potential customers and employees see, so make sure it projects the image you want for your company. Do you want to project value and convenience or luxury and exclusivity? The location should match the image and brand you envision.

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