4 Ways to Search for Office Space

There are many ways to search for a new office space to lease. Whether you are new to leasing commercial property or a veteran, explore your options thoroughly to get the best possible space for your business.

Internet Listings

Online listing services like Craigslist, LoopNet, and Cityfeet are inexpensive but effective ways for leasing agents to advertise available commercial real estate for lease. Search multiple sites to compare a variety of potential office spaces.

Property Owners and Managers

If interested in a specific property, save time and money by working directly with the firm that owns or manages the property.

They can provide highly accurate information and will be aware of the options available to customize an office space to meet your needs. Larger property management firms will also be able to show a prospective tenant other similar offices within its portfolio.

Social Networking

Ask friends and professional contacts for recommendations, or even post a request for recommendations on Facebook or LinkedIn. You may get a hot tip on a perfect commercial property for your business, saving you time and providing the peace of mind that comes with a referral.

Consult with a Broker

With a wide range of industry connections, a real estate broker can make clients aware of available spaces at multiple properties in a preferred geographic area. Brokers typically earn a commission from the landlord or from $1.00 to $2.00 per square foot per year for introducing a new client who signs a lease. This added expense may be considered part of the transaction, however, and factored into the lease rate.