LIVE.WORK.PLAY. Cummings Center’s transformation to a mixed-use development

Cummings Center is not only the premier North Shore business address, but with the construction of the Elliott Landing luxury condominiums in 2016, the campus has become a true mixed-use development that blends commercial, retail, and residential uses in one place. Cummings Properties’ recent “Live.Work.Play.” branding campaign celebrates the widening opportunities offered at the destination waterfront campus. The synergy between the complementary uses creates a round-the-clock energy that enhances Cummings Center and the Beverly community. To learn more about this special community and to view the remaining homes before they are all sold, visit the Elliott Landing website.

Not surprisingly, several of Elliott Landing’s residents selected their new homes because of the luxury design and proximity to their offices, located just steps away at Cummings Center.  These residents not only benefit from a no-commute lifestyle but also enjoy a vibrant neighborhood with a wide variety of amenities.  Cummings Center’s growing array of restaurants, cafes, retail shops, entertainment and athletic facilities, spas, and salons creates lifestyle options for Elliott Landing residents, as well as thousands of employees and visitors who pass through Cummings Center daily.  Cummings Center truly is a “city within a city.”

If you would like to learn more about the convenient amenities or to lease office, lab, retail, or storage space at Cummings Center, contact Mary Carroll at (978) 922-9000

Or visit the Cummings Center leasing page here to see what’s still available.