Greener commuting options to work

Cummings Center, Beverly is a bustling “city within a city” that welcomes 4,000 to 5,000 visitors daily.  Although business owners, employees, and visitors often arrive by car, a growing number choose to commute via “greener” modes of transportation.  North Shore Transportation Management Association (NSTMA), located at Cummings Center, promotes the importance of transportation options that support environmental and sustainability goals and business and municipal economic development objectives.  Its focus is on improving commuting options and reducing traffic congestion in an effort to save commuters money and improve air quality.


According to the advocacy group People for Bikes, more people are riding bikes every year, and many are adopting a healthy, green lifestyle by commuting to work by bike. The MBTA allows its passengers to travel with bicycles on MBTA buses and trains so Cummings Center bike commuters can take advantage of the onsite MBTA bus stop or the Beverly Depot train located one mile away – upon arrival at Cummings Center, bike commuters will find a number of bicycle racks located throughout campus.  Please note: while folding bikes are allowed on commuter rail trains at any time, non-folding bikes are prohibited during peak hours.

The NSTMA’s Bike Buddy program, which aligns experienced bikers with people who want to start bicycling to work, is a great networking opportunity and reason to make the healthy change. For more resources on commuting by bike or to see the bike laws in Massachusetts, visit the NSTMA’s website here.

 Green Commuting Can Earn Rewards

NuRide is a statewide program that rewards commuters with quarterly gift cards when they record their walk, bike, telecommute, carpool, transit, and vanpool trips on NuRide, a mobile app.  In its October newsletter, the NSTMA announced a number of improvements to the program, including the ability to synchronize to fitness apps like MapMyRide and MapMyWalk and the ability to connect to a Lyft Line ride sharing account.

Public Transportation

One way for commuters to earn points as part of the NuRide program is to use public transit.  The MBTA’s #451 bus, which runs from North Beverly to Salem MBTA commuter rail station, stops at Cummings Center in front of Acapulco’s restaurant at 900 Cummings Center.  The 451 bus schedule can be found here.   In addition, the MBTA commuter rail station at Beverly Depot is a 10-minute walk from Cummings Center.


With the recent housing boom in Beverly, many new residents to Beverly who work at Cummings Center are opting to walk to work. Commuters who walk to work a minimum of two times a week can register for the Green to Work program, which is local to the North Shore and awards gift cards monthly and quarterly. Check out the Green to Work program here to see how.


For many commuters, driving is still the most practical and convenient mode of commuting.  Cummings Center is located just 20 miles north of Boston and is easily reached by way of Route 128. Cummings Center employees and visitors who opt to drive will enjoy free daytime parking in four covered parking garages and several large surface parking lots.  As an added convenience, covered walkways connect 100 and 900 Cummings Center to West and East Garages.

For drivers interested in sharing the ride, but do not know where to start, NSTMA will connect assist with its Ride Matching program.  Once you begin carpooling, riders will automatically become part of the NSTMA’s Green to Work and Guaranteed Ride Home programs.

To learn more about the alternative ways to get to Cummings Center, please visit the North Shore Transportation Management Association here.

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