Understanding the Process of Leasing a Commercial Space

Leasing commercial space is a different process than leasing residential real estate. There are different factors to take into account that not everyone would think of. Especially if it is your first time leasing commercial office space, the process likely seems very daunting. Here is a short guide to understanding the process of leasing a commercial space. As always, Cummings Properties’ offers a fully integrated leasing system with advice on and services related to construction, financing, design, and more. Whether it’s your first or tenth time, Cummings Properties can make the process easy.

Location is important to the health of a business. You need to consider your customer base, access to other parts of the city, and your desired size. Once you’ve decided on a location that fits your needs, you’ll need to look at the zoning of that property. There are four types of zoning in commercial real estate, and they all have different applications. You can check the zoning of a specific property by going online, but your leasing agent at Cummings Properties will also be able to help you sort through the different zones in the Beverly and Woburn areas.

You’ll also want to understand the types of leases prior to your search for the right space. Cummings offers a full-service lease for competitive rates as compared with other traditional rental rates. A full-service lease means that you don’t have to worry about the details and maintenance of the building, and you have more time to focus on growing your business.

After you’ve identified the right property and understood the type of lease you’d like to sign, you will want to go over the specifics of the lease terms. Make sure that you understand the commitment you are making, and ask questions if necessary.

Is your business ready for an upgrade? It is hard to grow when you’ve peaked in your existing office space. Make a big step for your business and contact Cummings Properties for your office rental needs. Cummings has an integrated leasing system where expert advice and services are provided in-house. You’ll never have a shortage of knowledge to find and perfect your new office space. Reach out today by calling 781-935-8000.