Get outside and get fit at Cummings

Freezing temperatures, blizzards, and a record four Nor’easters in March kept most of us inside throughout winter and beyond. Now that spring has officially sprung, however, people across the Commonwealth are turning their thoughts to outdoor activities. If you’re one of the thousands who live near or work at a Cummings Properties campus in Woburn or Beverly, you’re in luck.

In addition to the wide variety of fitness-focused client firms that lease space with Cummings, there are numerous opportunities for exercise enthusiasts of all levels to get outside during the warmer months.

  • Tennis and basketball courts: Located in Cummings Park in Woburn, these Company-owned courts are free for all leasing clients to use. Reserve an hour-long spot by contacting Cummings at 781-935-8000.
  • Aberjona Nature Trail: Opened in 2017, this scenic loop trail is accessible via a connector path just north of 500 West Cummings Park in Woburn. It offers a place for people to enjoy nature walking, bird watching, wildlife observation, photography, exercise, and reconnecting with nature.
  • Upper and Lower Shoe Ponds: Located at Cummings Center in Beverly, the ponds provide a pleasant one-mile loop walk or run. Picnic tables, gardens, and outdoor art installations add convenience and charm to a midday or after-work workout.
  • Cummings Center outdoor fitness course: For those wishing to add some circuit training to their Upper Shoe Pond loop, this seven-station course is designed to improve flexibility and strengthen muscles while also providing a cardiovascular workout. The course is free and open to the public, and instructional plaques beside each station offer tips for injury prevention. For a full description of the course and its stations, read the Beverly Citizen feature.
  • Norwood Pond Trails: Adjacent to Cummings’ Dunham Ridge campus, this series of trails takes walkers through woodlands, past historical landmarks, and along the pond’s edge