Montessori Kids Universe leases 11,000 square feet in Beverly

Montessori Kids Universe of Beverly is now open at Beverly’s Cummings Center. The 11,000-square-foot space at the 600 building is the first New England location for the national franchise.

“Beverly is an ideal location for us, as it is at the center of the North Shore, and Cummings Center is a great place to deliver quality early education services because there are so many companies on campus that have employees with young families.”

Eden Joy Pacsial-Ong, Ph.D., owner of Montessori Kids Universe of Beverly

Pacsial-Ong worked directly with Cummings Properties business development officer Michelle Paul on the lease, which included improvements to the indoor space and more than 2,300 square feet of outdoor play area.

“We added windows and fresh paint, created a new teachers’ lounge and director’s office, and enhanced the reception area with a large window and granite shelf,” said Stephanie Aitchison, associate general manager of Cummings Center. “The result is a pristine and welcoming environment.”

“The Cummings team helped us customize the space to fit the needs of our school and the children,” said Pacsial-Ong. “The beautiful outdoor play space that faces the park and pond is just perfect.”

The center offers the Montessori-based method of education, with a low child-to-teacher ratio and a focus on children’s natural instincts of curiosity and imagination. It will also incorporate Montessori Kids Universe’s proprietary DaVinci Kids, a Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum covering all aspects of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) programming.

The largest office campus on the North Shore, Cummings Center houses a mix of corporate headquarters, retail and service businesses, medical offices, software firms, research laboratories, and micro-businesses. Among its many amenities are restaurants, fitness centers, gift shops, and salons, as well as day care for children, adults, and dogs.

PHOTO: Eden Joy Pacsial-Ong, owner of Montessori Kids Universe of Beverly, held the ceremonial scissors at the recent ribbon-cutting event. Immediately left of Pacsial-Ong are Thomas Boehm, co-founder and president of Montessori School Franchising; and Stephanie Aitchison, associate general manager of Cummings Center. Right of Pacsial-Ong are Nancy Poulos Boehm, co-founder and CEO of Montessori School Franchising.