What to Look for in a Laboratory for Your Bio-Med Startup

Finding space to lease can be difficult for any startup, but it can be even more challenging for a bio-med company. Singling out the best places to start a laboratory can be a tedious process, but finding a great location is not impossible. Read our industry blog on the best practices when searching for a bio-med lab space.  

Building the Perfect Lab for a Bio-Med Startup

Multiple things go into the perfect laboratory for any bio-med company, but when starting things up, there are some crucial items to consider first.

Space for Everything and Then Some

There’s nothing a lab needs more than adequate room to operate. A large space is needed to provide enough room to work as well as to conduct renovations if needed due to the scope of work your lab is covering. It is critical to consider every little thing that goes into a fully functional lab. Likewise, a startup may be modest at first, but consider the growth that may occur in the next three to five years, and plan accordingly. A move for a laboratory is already intensive, so make sure there is room to grow as your business does. If your business outgrows the space, Cummings Properties can work with you to find another space in a timely fashion with no penalty fee for moving within its large portfolio.

Power, Gas, and Lighting

There are a lot of things to look at when browsing a space for a bio-med startup. Something that unfortunately gets looked over is the power and lighting in the space. It may seem like a no-brainer, but many do not consider the electrical power it takes to power a fully scaled lab. Likewise, if access to a gas line is essential to operations, this will also need to be sought out during the search for a space. Consider the existing lighting and if it will be adequate for the work your lab is conducting.

There are a number of great spaces for a bio-med startup within the Greater Boston Area. The agents at Cummings Properties are experts at providing numerous options within a given price range that meet your needs. If you have questions regarding our lab spaces for lease, give us a call today.