What Your Office Foyer Says About Your Business

In business, a first impression is everything. That goes beyond simply meeting and greeting new potential clients and customers. An office is a space that makes an impression the moment someone walks in. Whether it is a potential new hire, a business partner, or someone who might be joining in on a venture, they will look to your office foyer when forming their first impression. The office foyer says a lot about your business, so be sure to make it a good first impression on anyone entering.

Perfecting the Office Foyer

An office foyer is truly the first thing people see when they enter your place of business. There are a few things you want people to think when they come into your foyer for the first time, all of which promote business practices that add up to a successful operation.


The office foyer should not look like a living room. Even in the most modern offices, a foyer keeps up the look of a professional place of business. If passers-by can see into your foyer or lobby, the look of a well-organized office makes a great impression. You never know if a future client or customer could be walking by and notice your business for its professional aesthetic.


Professional does not mean uptight and lifeless. A good office foyer should have open space with comfortable seating options and a few decorative features to bring together an inviting atmosphere. Something many overlook is the ability to provide an inviting experience through the use of simple additions like complimentary coffee or water for visitors. Likewise, a greeting goes a long way. Being greeted and asked if direction is needed is a great way to show hospitality to anyone entering the business.


People and plants should accent your office’s foyer with life. The plants make it a breathable, living space that shows a balance that many see as inviting. A desk representative also helps to provide guidance and conversation to those arriving. These two crucial elements bring the office to life and make a great impression.

A good office foyer cannot be overstated. Cummings Properties realizes this and has professionally designed building foyers to create a great first impression. If you lease a space through Cummings, you will have autonomy in creating your own office’s foyer to match your business. Make a good impression with an open, inviting space that represents everything your business has to offer. Curious about office foyers in our buildings? Give us a call today to set up a tour.