Cummings Properties’ Dedication to Exceptional Property Management

Cummings Properties wouldn’t be where it is today without the hard work and dedication of our property management team. The individuals that make up this group work tirelessly to ensure that the resolution of a maintenance issue is just a call away for the clients in our buildings. Furthermore, with New England’s harsh winters, our property management crew is on top of snow removal. They take great pride in making sure that our lots are always accessible, regardless of what Mother Nature throws our way. Learn more about the Cummings Properties property management team in this blog.

Years of Experience

Since Cummings Properties was established in the early 1970s, the property management team has been an important aspect of our business. Thanks to time-tested processes and an intimate understanding of how our buildings operate, maintenance issues are generally resolved swiftly. As mentioned above, snow removal is a huge area of focus due to the amount of snow our properties are exposed to during the winter months. Parking lots cleared of snow promptly and, when called for, treated with sand and salt.

The Extensive Service Crew

Some property management companies have a network of trusted companies that they will call for service issues. Although Cummings Properties does utilize some external companies for specific needs, we have our own in-house maintenance crew, which allows us to move quickly to address any issues. These are full-time Cummings Properties employees who are proud of the work they accomplish every day. Our vice president of field operations, Greg Ahearn, started with Cummings Properties in 1992 as a plumber.


Being professional in every aspect of our property management is a high priority for Cummings Properties. From answering the phone to executing a service call promptly, we aim to provide the best for our clients. This service is one of the reasons so many companies remain with Cummings Properties for decades.

Dedication to Charity, Community, and Customers

Why does the Cummings Properties property management team accomplish so much with smiles on their face? The short answer is that they know the work they are doing matters. Cummings Properties’ ties to community and charity are unrivaled in the Greater Boston area. When our buildings are occupied with happy clients, we can give more back to the communities where we are located. Learn more about the Cummings organization’s charitable endeavors here.

Cummings Properties: Property Management Done Right

If you have questions regarding our property management team or Cummings Properties in general, give us a call today. If you cannot connect via phone, fill out a contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.