Is Office Space for Your Business the Right Move?

Leasing office space for your business is a big step. Leasing a dedicated office space will likely bring new expenses, which is why many business owners are hesitant to take the leap. At Cummings Properties, we want to help you find the perfect office space once you have determined that your business is ready to scale up. These are a few signs your business is ready to upgrade to its own office space. 

Is Your Workforce Expanding? 

If you’re hiring employees for various jobs, having a dedicated office space can be a key ingredient in your recipe for success. Having your workforce in a cramped space can stilt productivity and creativity. Leasing an office space allows your workforce to continue to grow while giving people the space they need to do their jobs effectively. If your five-year plan for your business includes an expanding workforce, leasing office space could be a great idea. 

Are You Hosting Clients or Business Partners? 

If your business requires you to host clients or customers, having a professional space could improve your relationships with those potential clients and customers. An office space can reflect that your business is successful, established, and reliable. Office spaces can instill confidence in your clients and help to impress business partners and investors. Instead of holding meetings over the phone or in public places, you will have the option to assert your professional status by inviting your business partners to your new office space. 

Do You Need to Improve Productivity? 

If you notice your staff’s productivity stalling, not having an office space could be part of the issue. Working in an informal setting can make it easy to take frequent breaks, get distracted, start work late, and generally be less productive. Having an established office space can encourage employees to stay on task and make the most of their time at the office before heading home for the day. 

If any of these points apply to you, it might be time to invest in an office space. Cummings Properties has a large catalog of properties to choose from. We have prime locations throughout suburban Boston and the North Shore of Massachusetts and offer competitive pricing. Contact us today to learn more.