Planning Your Return to the Office

With COVID-19 precautions well understood and vaccines being rolled out, many businesses that went remote during the pandemic have decided that it’s time to plan their return to the office

It’s time for easier collaboration and greater camaraderie.

It’s time for that synergistic creativity that happens when cubemates casually bounce ideas off each other.

It’s time for happenstance hallway chats and raiding your colleague’s candy jar.

Whether your back-to-the-office timeframe is next month, next season, or next year, Cummings is ready to help you plan for a smooth transition. Our in-house team of leasing, design, and construction experts will help you find the ideal location, layout a floorplan with safety and comfort in mind, and, if necessary, complete a buildout.

With 50 years of experience and a streamlined approach to office leasing, we can provide the space you need quickly and cost-effectively.

In The News

“We believe that when people are together, that’s a critical element for innovation.” 
Ruth Porat, CFO, Google

“Alphabet CFO Beats Back-to-Office Drum, Citing Tie to Innovation”

“Relationship building and socialization and collaboration in a face-to-face mode remains important.”
Jim Heppelmann, CEO of PTC Inc.

“You can’t build the company by people working at home… People are social beings, and they really need to be near and around other people.”
Robert Shillman, founder, Cognex

Right-size your office while saving money

Firms that have opted for a hybrid model may find that they’re paying for more space than they currently need. Other businesses will want to lease additional square feet to accommodate social distancing. Whether you’re looking to scale up or down, Cummings’ space experts can design a custom office space that suits your needs and your budget. With office leasing rates as low as one-third the prices in Boston and Cambridge, Cummings’ full-service leases also offer exceptional value.

Find satellite office locations

Despite Zoom fatigue and loneliness, many remote workers will still note that “You can’t beat the commute.” A satellite office in the suburbs could offer an ideal setting close to home where teammates can put their heads together and innovate without the hassle of city gridlock or crowded public transit. Cummings’ locations are convenient to much of the greater Boston region, with suburban satellite offices available on Massachusetts’ North Shore, in the Merrimack Valley, and in MetroWest Boston.

Keep your options open

The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine bodes well for the Massachusetts business community, but with lingering uncertainty about the future, some companies are seeking a commercial lease with flexible terms as they prepare to return to the workplace. Cummings offers short-term leases as well as multi-year agreements, allowing businesses to choose the timeframe that works best for them while they continue to see how their industry adapts to the new normal.

Companies that lease with Cummings also benefit from its pledge to accommodate future expansion, which means leasing clients can avoid paying for extra space before they need it. With 10 million square feet across 11 greater Boston communities, Cummings can quickly find a larger space for growing client firms at any time during their lease term and with no penalty.

If your staff is ready to trade in the sweatpants and solitude for a collaborative professional environment, contact Cummings today. Our office space experts are ready to help you find the ideal location to reunite your team.