Top 5 Benefits To Renting An Office Space

No matter if you are starting your first business or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, figuring out if renting office space will be beneficial for you, your workers and your patrons may seem like a challenging task. When researching and beginning the rental process, many questions arise such as: Where is the right location for the space? Should I rent or buy? Can I conduct proper business here? To answer these questions, our expert team here at Cummings has provided you with our top 5 benefits to renting an office space in the greater Boston area.

More Networking Opportunities: 

When choosing to rent a commercial office space, you are enabling yourself and your team to interact with other businesses within the same location. An important part of being a business owner and entrepreneur is making and establishing connections. While your fellow renters may not be in the same field or industry, connecting with them can broaden your network, which can have myriad benefits.

Fewer Responsibilities:

When you choose to rent an office space you won’t have to worry about building maintenance or other facilities management issues. This allows you to spend more time working on your business and less time worrying about the upkeep of your space.

Create a Team Environment:

Throughout the pandemic, we have learned that nothing can replace interpersonal communication. Although video chat and Zoom calls are convenient at times, they are not as conducive to group discussions and collaborations as in-person meetings. When you provide your team with office space, you are allowing your employees to get to know one another and offering a space for collaboration and engagement. This contributes to creating a positive, productive team environment and office culture for your employees.

Save on Overhead Costs:

When choosing whether to rent or buy an office space, it is important to keep in mind that the expenses of building can be costly. When you choose to rent with Cummings Properties, you’re saving on several miscellaneous costs, as our full-service leases typically include landscaping, snow removal, utilities, maintenance, building insurance, and base-year real estate taxes. This will allow you to have greater financial flexibility to expand your business. 


Renting a commercial office space lets you enjoy the advantage of conducting business in an area with a convenient location and a high-profile image. Renting an office space with Cummings allows you to impress your clients, prospective employees, and current staff.

Why Should You Lease an Office Space with Cummings:

Cummings Properties have been serving businesses and corporations in the greater Boston area for the past 50 years. Over the past 50 years, we have earned an outstanding reputation in the Boston commercial real estate industry for providing businesses with well-located highway properties at reasonable rates. At Cummings, we have more than 11 million square feet of prime commercial space, as our offices range from 150 square feet to 100,000 square feet. With our array of layouts, we can accommodate nearly any business. Whether you need an executive office, satellite office, healthcare facility, laboratory, retail storefront, medical office, or warehouse, we have it all!

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Cut down on the commute for your clients and colleagues by moving your business to one of our desirable suburban properties. Our diverse portfolio of locations spans 11 greater Boston communities and offers amenity-rich office spaces along Route 128/I-95 and I-93. To find an office or laboratory space that works for you, your workers, and your patrons, contact Cummings today. You can call us at 781-935-8000 or email us at