How To: Create a Welcoming Office Environment

Most successful businesses in the world are equipped with a welcoming and positive atmosphere and filled with happy employees. Why? Because employees who feel welcomed within their work environment are more productive and creative – not because they have to be, but because they want to be. When thinking about your office environment and what it offers to your employees, clients, and visitors, many questions may arise such as: How should the lighting look? How should desks be set up? Can we foster an engaging team space here? To answer these questions, our expert team at Cummings Properties has provided you with our top tips to create a welcoming and productive office environment for you and your employees.

Natural Light

Natural lighting is a critical component of a welcoming and productive work environment as it not only looks great but also increases the overall productivity and energy output of employees. Many people say they work better with natural light instead of the typical harsh fluorescent bulbs, so by choosing a space with large windows, you are allowing employees to maintain high energy levels. If you are in search of office space within the Greater Boston area with ample natural light, look no further than Cummings Properties. With more than 11 million square feet of prime commercial space, Cummings allows you to impress your clients, prospective employees, and current staff.

Offer a Clean Space

Having a clean and aesthetically pleasing office that is both comfortable and orderly is sure to make your employees feel and work better. Clearing clutter and unnecessary old equipment, as well as making sure all lighting, heating, and cooling are functioning properly, is essential to developing a welcoming space that your employees are going to want to come back to on a daily basis. Investing in a clean space with furniture, plants, and functioning equipment will ensure your employees feel respected and valued. When you lease full-service office space with Cummings Properties, your one affordable rent payment will cover utility services, maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal – all of which contribute to an attractive office space for your team.

Offer a Quiet Space

While having an open office layout that allows employees to interact and collaborate can increase work productivity, it is also important to offer quiet spaces where employees can go if they need to concentrate and focus. Offering these conference rooms, small offices, or huddle rooms can cut down on interruptions, which improves mood and productivity for those seeking a quiet place.

Provide Snacks and Drinks

By offering small snacks and beverages in the office kitchen or break room you are encouraging camaraderie and collaboration by giving employees a reason to gather in a communal spot. Whether it is coffee and tea, granola bars and fruit, or ice cream treats on a summer day, those in the office will not only be grateful for the kind gesture of snacks, but they will also build friendships and team spirit, which is known to boost mood and creativity.

Give Employees Variety in Workspaces

With the use of laptops and other portable devices, employees do not have to be confined to their desks. Offering a change of scenery or a variety of seating options, from stools to yoga balls to standing desks, allows your employees mobility and flexibility. This will keep creativity and moods high, fostering a welcoming and positive atmosphere.

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