Office Space Must Haves

From Google’s offices fully equipped with mini-golf courses, slides, and stunningly creative decor to an office space filled with natural lighting and industry-themed paintings, having an office space that perfectly fits your company and employees can go a long way toward providing your team with a comfortable space. With the new rise of the “return to office” movement, there is more emphasis than ever on cultivating an environment in which your employees will be motivated and creative. That is why the expert team here at Cummings Properties has provided you with our top tips to help you design a creative and inspiring space that will foster a team atmosphere and generate excitement among your employees about going into the office.

Top 6 Office Must-Haves:

Open Space

The wave of the cubicle farm is on the comedown, as employees are done working within small spaces that feel restricted and enclosed. By opening up your office space, you are allowing your employees to work in an airy environment that facilitates easy communication. While the area does not have to be overly spacious, no one enjoys functioning within a cramped workspace in which they are bumping elbows with officemates. Try breaking up your office space with lengthy tables that offer a collaborative space while also offering enough room for individual work.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of fostering an enjoyable office environment. Lack of proper lighting can diminish your employees’ energy levels, negatively affecting productivity. When you are designing the layout of your office, place desks, tables, cubicles, etc. in an area with natural light, to help boost your employees’ energy and mood levels. In areas without access to natural light, consider a mix of ceiling lights and lamps to create the desired effect. If you are searching within the Greater Boston area for office space with ample natural light, look no further than Cummings Properties. With more than 11 million square feet of prime commercial space, Cummings allows you to cultivate the perfect space for you and your employees.

Use Wall Decor

While decor and artwork may not be the first items on your office checklist, even the simplest of paintings and artwork can have a considerable impact on you, your clients, and visitors. If there are large expanses of plain walls in your office, add an interesting work of art that is fitting for your industry. This will add life not only to your walls but to your employees as well.

Bring In Plants

When working within an office space from morning to evening, it may be hard to get outside. One way to combat this and to get in touch with nature is to bring the outside inside. Bringing plants, whether artificial or real, inside into your office space is a great way to do so. Numerous studies that have been completed have demonstrated that plants in offices enhance workers’ perceptions of overall productivity and happiness. 

Offer a Kitchen/Dining Area

Offering your employees a space where they can enjoy their lunch away from their desks is a great way to help them separate work from personal time. A kitchen with a dining space located conveniently within your office space can accomplish that goal. Basic kitchen necessities such as a fridge, microwave, and toaster can help keep your employees happy and healthy.

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