How To Plan Your Return To the Office

With new technology and tools, and an increased want for collaboration and innovation, the drive to return to an office space is greater than ever before. Both business leaders and employees are looking for creative spaces to increase productivity and enhance their work/life balance. Because not every company is one and the same, however, creating a plan that is unique to you is the key to fully optimizing your return to the office. Whether you are in the process of figuring out your workspace strategy, configuring an inspiring in-office environment, or looking to get back into the office full-time tomorrow, the team at Cummings Properties has compiled our top tips to help you plan for a successful return to your office space.

3 Ways To Successfully Return To An Office Space:

Design a Workplace That Supports Your Business

When determining your plan to return to your office full-time, some items to consider about the space itself include what short- and long-term updates your office space might need. By providing your employees with an updated space, you are aiding in creating a workplace that not only accommodates what your employees and guests need but will in turn foster an environment where they can excel. Questions to consider during this process include: Do we need more collaboration spaces? Do we need socialization areas? Should we increase our amenities?

Provide Communication

If your workplace has been fully remote for an extended period of time, being empathetic, transparent, and communicative with your employees is vital. Providing your employees with a two-way communication channel will allow them to more easily adjust to the new reality of in-office life by having an open door to discuss their excitement, worries, or troubles. 

Invest In A Proper Space

Investing in a clean and well-equipped office that is both comfortable and tidy is guaranteed to make your employees feel better about returning to work. Investing in a clean space with furniture, plants, functioning equipment, new technology, and more will ensure your employees feel respected and valued, all while improving their performance. When you lease full-service office space with Cummings Properties, you receive utility services, maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal, all amenities that ensure a professional and pleasing space that is sure to appeal to both you and your employees.

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