What Office Rental Size Is Right For You

When searching for an office space, the first and most essential task is determining the amount of space your company needs. During this process, you may ask yourself, how do I know what that number is? This then brings about questions such as: How much square footage will we need as a team to be comfortable? How much office space per person? How many meeting rooms should we have? What does our growth projection look like?

At Cummings Properties, our team of professionals has had the pleasure of helping thousands of clients and companies estimate their office space needs and wants. Throughout this process, we have learned how to assess companies’ spatial needs properly, while also taking into account their desires, which now allows us to help you determine what is appropriate for your company.

What is the Standard Office Size Needed Per Person?

The average office size per person is approximately 150-175 square feet. This number can fluctuate on the higher or lower end, depending on what each employee needs for his/her desk and equipment. With that square footage in mind, simply multiply the square footage number by the current number of employees. Then, add in enough space for projected new hires.

How Many Conference Rooms Do I Need?

Common areas and conference rooms could be important for employee collaboration, and they are also a great amenity for when clients stop by. When determining how many conference rooms you need, a rule of thumb is one conference room for every 10-20 employees. You might consider a conference room for every 10 employees in more densely populated offices to accommodate your team and clientele properly. These conference rooms can be of different sizes and can fluctuate depending on your intended usage and desires.

What Are Additional Spaces I Should Account For In An Office Space? 

To instill great company culture, you will want to provide your employees with additional spaces to socialize, eat, and accommodate various workstyles. The types of spaces you may want to account for include a kitchen, storage room, reception area, and employee lounge. 

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