How Can I Create A Collaborative Workspace In The Office?

No matter who you are, what your job title is, or which company you work for, chance are that you and your employer will benefit if you collaborate and work with others both in and outside of the office. For so many all across the globe, the practice of working together as a unit is needed in order to create successful products or services. Whether a team or company is big or small, having a physical space where employees can connect in person can be highly beneficial in facilitating the sharing of ideas and development of innovative solutions for clients. 

In order to help you cultivate a collaborative workspace in your office that not only boosts productivity but also increases employee happiness and retention, the office space experts at Cummings Properties have compiled a list of considerations for businesses of all sizes.

Top Tips For Cultivating A Collaborative Workspace

Think Beyond A Conference Room

With the rise of “the return to the office,” a traditional conference room can sometimes be the perfect place for a team to collaborate. It could be helpful, however, to also offer a few smaller spaces for two to four people. Consider outfitting these smaller areas with a few armchairs, small tables, and lamps to foster a more relaxed and comfortable environment for collaboration and brainstorming sessions.

Consider Your Amenities 

Over the course of the past few years, several surveys have been conducted regarding employee satisfaction, and they typically discuss how collaborative workspaces and amenity options have outweighed other benefits. Amenities are fantastic ways for employees to create excellent social connections and collaboration opportunities with each other. These amenities could include en-suite kitchenettes and break rooms, and on-campus restaurants, hair salons, entertainment venues, and more!

Leave The Cubicle Farm In The Past

Standard office cubicles can be necessary for those interested in focusing individually. By offering a wide range of seating options, however, your employees can select the seating arrangement that helps them feel most comfortable and productive at the moment and gives them appropriate space to collaborate with others. Options beyond cubicles include wide-open spaces, high-top tables, desks that raise and lower, and couch seating. 

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