2024 Office Design Trends

Office design over the years has evolved. Many companies are ditching the cubicle farms, harsh lighting, and lack of team space and instead are beginning to take note of their workplace design. Corporate America is now looking at what their employees want and how they can achieve satisfaction. We expect 2024 workplace trends to emphasize elevating employee well-being, productivity, and collaboration. To help you achieve your office goals, Cummings Properties has formulated our list of 2024 office design trends.

What We Expect Offices To Look Like In 2024:

Adaptive Layouts

In 2024, we expect to see more flexible and versatile office structures. This includes creating areas that can be used for any work-related activity and meeting while fostering collaboration and teamwork among all office members regardless of where they are sitting. For example, using standing desks to open the layout, employing adaptable technology that can be plugged in anywhere, adding flexible workstations that can be moved if need be, and incorporating versatile, multifunctional meeting spaces for team meetings, events, and conferences. 

Increased Sustainability Efforts

More companies are beginning to integrate new and improved sustainable practices for their office designs every day. This new year, we expect to see more eco-friendly solutions throughout the office, including lighting, water usage, and HVAC. It could be as simple as reusable coffee cups and plates, ditching plastic cups and straws, adding LED lighting, and improving the overall efficiency of your HVAC machine. In response to this interest in green business, building owners are installing solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations at increasing rates.

Increased Amenities

Another trend is the increased need for an office space that makes employees feel good. Companies all over are seeking the benefits that office space amenities provide for their employees because they significantly impact mental and physical health and well-being. Suppose you are looking for an office space to fuel collaboration and increase your employees’ positivity, all while helping your company reach new heights. In that case, Cummings Properties’ office space designers can assist you in creating the ideal space for your greater Boston team. Whether you are looking for huddle rooms, group meeting spaces, kitchenettes, other amenities, Cummings Properties can provide it. Begin encouraging your employees to enjoy their time at work in 2024!

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