Sustainability Practices for a Healthier Workplace

Sustainability Practices for a Healthier Workplace

The future of businesses and the overall in-office landscape are constantly changing, making new trends and practices challenging to predict as new technology is continually developed. One aspect of the workplace that is sure to remain important, however, is a focus on sustainable practices that foster a workplace that is beneficial to the health of employees and the planet. Sustainability and environmental efforts have become increasingly more relevant today as business owners, employees, and customers place a higher value on “going green.” If you want to improve your workplace’s sustainability, the experts at Cummings Properties have compiled a handful of measures that you can implement. Continue reading to uncover them below:

3 Easy Ways To Improve Sustainability Efforts In Your Workplace:

Implement Recycling Efforts:

Implementing an effective recycling program is one way to increase your office’s sustainability efforts. Whether it is a recycling bin strategically placed next to a trash bin or properly disposing and recycling e-waste, these are all great ways to go green. In addition to implementing these practices in your office, find an office campus such as those managed by Cummings Properties that regularly hosts free electronics recycling for clients, making your strategizing easier than ever before.

Swap Regular Light Bulbs For Smart Light Bulbs:

Another fix to improve your office’s sustainability efforts is to swap your regular office light bulbs in for smart light bulbs. Smart light bulbs are one of the best ways to improve your office sustainability quickly and cost-effectively. They work by turning on, off, or dimming, depending on the time of day and the environment in which you place them. These bulbs reduce electricity use, improving your sustainability and electricity costs.

Locate Your Office Space Near Electric Vehicle Charging Stations:

To keep pace with the latest developments in sustainability, find an office space with electric vehicle charging stations in the parking area. These charging stations are fantastic for the environment and make it convenient for your employees to recharge during the workday. At various Cummings Properties campuses, we offer 30 EV charging ports, many of which draw power from nearby rooftop solar arrays, allowing your employees with electric vehicles the opportunity to be fully charged when it is time to commute home.

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