Harnessing Innovation: Woburn’s Thriving Clean Technology Sector

Just north of Boston and Cambridge, Woburn is a fast-growing innovation hub for the clean technology sector. Many early-stage and established companies tackling some of the world’s toughest challenges choose Woburn because of its strategic location, skilled workforce, and supportive ecosystem.

Cummings Properties is a popular destination for emerging technology companies to launch and grow. For many enterprises, particularly those emerging out of the incubator environment, Cummings offers cost-efficient office, lab, R&D, and manufacturing facilities.

The Woburn Clean Tech Ecosystem Includes These & Other Cutting-Edge Companies:


Focused on solutions for the transition to clean energy, Alsym is developing next-generation non-flammable rechargeable batteries for stationary storage, marine, and mobility applications. The company recently raised $78 million in Series C funding enabling it to grow its team and expand manufacturing capability.

Boston Metal:

At the forefront of green metallurgy, Boston Metal is revolutionizing the steel industry with innovative molten oxide electrolysis technology. By eliminating carbon emissions from steel production, Boston Metal is driving toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Feon Energy:

Specializing in advanced materials for renewable energy applications, Feon Energy is pioneering new-molecule-based liquid electrolytes for next-generation batteries. Its innovative electrolyte molecules demonstrate superior stability with Li-metal.

Ionic Materials:

Working to enable forthcoming versions of electrified transportation, Ionic Materials delivers advanced polymer solutions to enable mass-marketed manufacturing of safe, low-cost, high-performance EV batteries.

SES (Solid Energy Systems):

Powering a new era of electric transportation, SES is a global leader in the development and production of high-performance Li-metal rechargeable batteries for EVs and other applications. 


In an effort to support global decarbonization and grid resilience, VEIR is working to accelerate the growth in electric transmission capacity. The company is developing superconducting electric transmission lines that operate with significantly higher transfer capacity than conventional power lines.


Harnessing the power of biomimicry, ZwitterCo is transforming wastewater treatment with its innovative membrane technology. Drawing inspiration from natural processes, ZwitterCo is developing cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions for water purification and industrial water reuse.

As these visionary companies continue to innovate and expand, the need for tailored facilities is essential to their success. That’s where Cummings Properties is an ideal partner. From in-house leasing to custom design and construction services, Cummings Properties provides a seamless leasing and property management experience. With a deep understanding of the unique requirements of clean technology and battery science companies, Cummings can tailor space to serve each client’s needs. 

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